Choose Filet, Increase FIL Staking Yield Tenfold!

In 2008, Warren Buffett bought 225 million shares of BYD near HK$8, BYD soared to HK$80, people said: Warren Buffett is worthy of the “god of stocks”; in 2012, BYD plunged to HK$9, Warren Buffett continued to hold positions, people said: Warren Buffett is “too old to take back the lost capital”.

In 2017, BYD rose back to HK$80 again, Warren Buffett continued to hold positions, people said: Warren Buffett is really the god of stocks; in March 2020, BYD’s share price cut down to HK$33, Warren Buffett continued to hold positions, people said: Warren Buffett’s brain is broken; in 2021, BYD’s share price surged to nearly HK$300, people said: Warren Buffett is still the same Warren Buffett.

Looking at Warren Buffett’s investment history in BYD, it is not difficult to conclude the fact that value investing takes time. This time span can be years, or even decades. It is only with the fading of time that we can feel the extraordinary weight and power behind the word “value investment”.

The emergence of Filet, a decentralised computing platform, truly embodies the concept of “making friends with time” in value investing, allowing every ordinary investor to become Warren Buffett, or even surpass him.

Fielt is a decentralized computing power service platform, based on the DeFi scene, connecting global quality miners, tokenizing Filecoin computing power and allowing it to flow freely in the market. The emergence of Filet breaks the current situation of high threshold and high investment in FIL mining, allowing all investors to participate in FIL mining investment through Filet , and get a lucrative return.

At Filet, users can directly stake FIL to obtain the corresponding Filecoin computing power. For users who hold FIL, this method requires no investment compared to the traditional purchase of mining machines or cloud computing power to mine FIL. Of course, there are many other platforms on the market that stake FIL to get returns, but Fielt’s returns are almost the highest on the whole net.

As you can see from the table above, the yields on the current lending platforms on the market are basically in the single digits, while Filet can top out at around 45%, which is 30 times more than the lending platform — LendHub at 1.54%!

What does a 45% annualized yield really mean?

If a user who holds FIL and is optimistic about the future development of Filecoin participates in the stake of Filet, staking 100 FIL per year will yield an additional 45 FIL in return, which, at the current price of 70U, is equivalent to earning 310U per year, and if the FIL soars back to a high of around 200U by then, that’s nearly 10,000U per year!

Secondly, for those who buy FIL at a high price and are trapped, it is better to choose to stake FIL bought at a high price in Filet than to keep that on the exchange. As long as the price rises to 60% of the buying point, you will almost not lose money, and it will be much faster than to keep it on the exchange and wait for the unwind.

Finally, for the conservative investor, Filet is also an excellent choice. The current FIL price is around 70 U and the minimum stake cost is only around 840 U. If the FIL price rises to 200 U in a year (the highest FIL price is 232 U), the user will have gained around 3,720 U, almost 5 times! If the price is not good at the time, it can be staked again and then sold when the price is good.

While high returns are one side of Filet, simplicity and efficiency are the other. Anyone who follows FIL mining knows that the barrier to entry for the average user is very high. The cost of computing power, staked coins and GAS fees, sealing cycles, mining cycles, mining efficiency and other mining parameters are dizzying, and not only that, there are even problems with extremely low mining efficiency, or even the inability to mine coins.

Filet solves the above problems perfectly. Users do not have to worry about the above complications, no pledge coins, no need to buy a miner. All you need to do is to stake FIL and enjoy high yield mining rewards. More importantly, in such a simple and efficient mode of operation, users can obtain a much higher rate of return than other platforms. Filet is a veritable “amplifier” of earnings!

About Filet

Filet is a decentralized Filecoin tokenization protocol deployed on HECO Chain and BSC. It is based on DeFi scenario and connects world leading miners which tokenizes the Filecoin mining power and makes it circulate on the market freely. Users can obtain Filecoin cloud mining power by staking FIL and other tokens so as to continuously obtain FIL mining output, with an annualized return of up to 45% on the token principal.

Users can choose to stake FIL to obtain mining power, after the expiration, they can redeem all the staked FIL without any loss of assets. Users can also choose to redeem FILE issued by Filet. Each FILE corresponds to the mining power of the platform, which has real value and can be used for users to continue to stake mining or sell on the market to make the mining power circulate.

The launch of Filet platform further reduces the threshold of Filecoin mining, truly allowing users to realize zero cost and zero risk for Filecoin mining. At the same time, it makes Filecoin mining power circulate freely.

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Filet brings Filecoin to DeFi. It is a great boost for IPFS. Stake FIL to get FIL, APY is about 30%. Filecoin, BSC, HECO and Mixin supported. ✔

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Filet -Stake FIL to mine FIL

Filet brings Filecoin to DeFi. It is a great boost for IPFS. Stake FIL to get FIL, APY is about 30%. Filecoin, BSC, HECO and Mixin supported.